Cataract Set

- 1 table drape 140x150cm as wrap
- 1 surgical drape 250x160cm, aperture 6x8cm, adhesive tape, 2 fluid bags, nose bridge integrated


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New production site!!!

We moved premises and are happy to show you a few images of our brand new production site!

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Nordset - gladly presents the new team!

Welcome to Nordset

We moved premises and are happy to show you a few images of our brand new production site!

NordWest Zeitung - Artikel: The name “Meditop” was founded by Kirsten Scholz and her former husband while driving through Germany. At the age of 25, Kirsten moved from Karlsruhe, Southern Germany, up to Hude in Northern Germany, in order to set up her own company. She distributed disposable surgical packs and drapes to out patient centres and hospitals throughout Germany. “At the end of the day we decided to name the company MEDITOP. The name sounded favorable and was easy to pronounce in all languages” the 46-year-old CEO explained.

About 10 years she distributed the surgical packs and drapes from a manufacturer in Southern Germany with only 3 employees working for her in Hude and it worked well. Then her manufacturer crashed and went out of business. “ All of a sudden we only had customers but no product” she remembered . “It was natural to build up a manufacturing plant and produce the product ourselves”, she said. That was the birth of the second company in the North of Germany – Nordset ( set of the North - in German language).

In the meantime both companies have become successful. They have just moved to a new production plant and quadrupled the size of the clean and cutting room. “ At first we have to digest the move ” as production manager and vice president Christa said “ we had no loss of production, not a single day” she mentioned proudly. Kirsten and Christa met about 20 years ago and since that time they have been inseparable friends. In Hude they describe us as “ an old couple”. Being abroad attending conventions like the WOC in Abu Dhabi beginning of the year, they are jokingly called “ the terrible twins”

Nordset delivers disposable surgical packs with drapes, incise films and fluid collection pouches, gowns, gauzes, cannulae, scalpels, forceps, speculae and swabs to practices, out-patient centers and hospitals all over Europe. The export ratio in the meantime amounts to 70 %. “ We have customers in 14 countries”, Kirsten said proudly. The biggest customers are Finland and United Kingdom, but they also ship to Portugal, Romania and Greece successfully. We even supply to South Africa. “We feel there are good growth opportunities abroad for future business” Christa said.

30 people are currently working for Nordset, only 4 men, they are a minority..they ship about 30.000 gowns and 15.000 packs per month to our customers at home and abroad. “ the success is the result of intensive teamwork” as Kirsten and Christa explained. The drapes are cut, punched and folded and all the kits are individually produced and packed in Hude.

The raw material, which is called non-woven and SMS, is delivered on big rolls in 40 ft containers and is cut into pieces by means of their brand new cutter. They must ensure, that maximum conditions of hygiene are adhered to. Therefore everything is produced in the “clean room”. Kirsten praised the team by saying” Our team is very careful, reliable and busy, a real top-team!

Nordset bought a sewing machine for producing gowns. “ We have a very reliable gown manufacturing plant in Poland but sometimes we run out of one size and now have the chance to start production instantly ourselves”, Kirsten mentioned. Nordset needn’t worry about the future. Cataract surgery is the most frequently operated surgery in the world, thanks to all people getting older and older…that helps to keep the business stable.

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