Single Use Surgical Packs for Eye Surgery – Made in Germany

We produce disposable tailor-made surgical drapes and kits for ophthalmic surgery and fulfil the highest hygienic standards and demands.

New cleanroom in operation! New warehouse

Individually packaged surgical instrument sets

We offer customized and cost reducing surgery preparation solutions, tailored to your requirements.

New cleanroom in operation! New warehouse


DOC 2022

A sincere thank you to all our customers, suppliers, friends and colleagues within the trade for your visits at our booth at the DOC – we have missed you all very much during the pandemic! Thank you very much for celebrating our 20th Nordset anniversary with us.

Unique disposable surgical knives

We are the German distribution partner for Unique disposable surgical knives. Test how super sharp our Unibevel knives are – for free!

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Quality "Made in Germany"

We are specialized in the production of single use ophthalmic surgery draping sets, based in Germany with 21 years’ experience.

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