Nordset GmbH & Co.KG from Hude

Nordset GmbH & Co.KG was founded 2001 producing single-use-use surgical packs and drapes for ophthalmology. Since then we have been well-known for the highest precision and reliability on the European market.

All materials used in the cleanroom have outstanding barrier properties against liquids and germs ( AS/AR anti-static/anti-repellent) to provide effective protection against infections for both patients and staff.

Thus, all these materials comply with high quality standards and are CE-certified. We established a QM-system years ago to monitor compliance with these standards and are audited annually. Our surgical systems are the key to more safety, efficiency and economy in your surgery. We offer solutions for customized and cost-reducing surgery preparation, tailored to your needs, packaged according to your specifications, sterile and ready-to-use. Together with our distribution partners, we also assist in identifying your needs at your location.

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