Disposable surgical kits for ophthalmology – highest quality made in Germany

Nordset sets itself the highest quality standards.

We are specialized in producing tailor-made disposable kits for eye surgery.

We are CE certified and focus on fair working conditions for our employees, as this leads to perfect and faultless products.

Nordset performs high-quality work with every single pack produced.

  • We only use high-standard materials
  • All kits are tailor-made
  • Long-term cost reduction due to careful OR planning

High standard disposable packs and drapes

  • We guarantee premium quality disposable packs and drapes made in Germany.
  • We are certainly CE certified

Qualified suppliers and fair working conditions

  • We only work with responsible forwarders and therefore promise punctual deliveries
  • Our employees are very satisfied, as we offer more holidays and fair working conditions, this leads to a high-quality performance.

Advantages of our disposable packs and drapes:

  • Tailor-made kits and drapes
  • A huge variety of materials, components and sizes available
  • Highest hygiene standards
  • Cost-cutting OR preparation time

If you are interested in our custom-made
disposable packs and drapes?

Please either call or mail us. All information needed: www.nordset.de

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